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Benefits of Face-to-Face meetings

Here are our top benefits of face-to-face meetings:

A Real Environment: Being in a new or different environment has proven to inspire and motivate the team. Research has found that you are more likely to remember information and think up fresh ideas when in a foreign environment.

Body Language: Much of our communication is conveyed through reading peoples body language, hand gestures and facial expressions. For example if someone is agreeing to a deal you have put forward, you may not be able to tell by just the tone in their voice. If you can spot the signs in their body language, you may be able to reassure them or suggest alternative solutions to ensure business goes ahead.

Build a Trusting Relationship: Trust is essential in any successful business relationship. Face-to-face meetings offer invaluable people skills that may not be shared through a virtual meeting such as a webcam or telephone conference.

Avoid Misunderstandings: Have you ever been in a situation where an email has been misunderstood, misread or perceived as rude? Face-to-face meetings will reduce this risk and save you time going back and forth.

Value: Although face-to-face meetings can be slightly more costly than a virtual meeting, clients have reported that when business professionals make the effort to meet them, they feel more valued, which in turn results in higher productivity and increased business.

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