Autumn colours

Awesome Autumn: Why you shouldn’t stay indoors this November

Now that the clocks have gone back and the gloves and scarves are re-emerging from the cupboard, nobody can deny that the peak outdoor season for 2016 is definitely behind us.

But at Bewl Water this doesn’t mean it’s time to shut ourselves indoors! Autumn is one of the most stunning times of year for the reservoir and a fantastic time to go nature spotting.


The Great Outdoors

Lots of you have been out and about enjoying the walking, cycling, sailing and fishing and we’ve loved seeing the images you’ve been uploading to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There’s no doubt that Kent and Sussex look amazing this time of year so don’t stop snapping away!

We’ve been doing our best to help you enjoy the season for more of the year with an extended boat fishing season and with ongoing footpath improvements around part of the reservoir.

A New Path

If you’ve been for a stroll or a cycle round Bewl Water lately you may have encountered some construction work in progress. We’ve been working to upgrade a stretch of path that runs 1.75 miles in either direction from the main public car park which had previously been almost impassable in winter conditions.
Diggers making path

Digger shovelling

Steam roller

Aside from the footpath renovations we also now have jetties for our water taxis which can be found at the ends of our renovated sections of path. If the full 12.5 mile circumference route is a bit too much, why not walk part of the way and then enjoy a cruise across the reservoir (please note: the water taxi service is only available on weekends between 11am and 3pm until the spring).

The colour scheme at Bewl Water is changing every day so don’t miss it! Parking now costs just £2 for an entire day (reduced from £8) so come and visit us soon!
New path1

New path2

Autumn colours