Watersports FAQs

Do you run watersports lessons and courses at Bewl Water?

All RYA watersports lessons and courses are run by the Bewl Outdoor Centre who can be reached on 03000 41 52 00.


Do you hire out kayaks, paddleboards or sailing boats?

Bewl do not have paddle boards or Kayaks for hire.


I have my own sailing boat, windsurf or paddleboard do I need a membership to access the water?

Yes, the one available option to access Bewl water is to purchase an annual membership, please fill out a membership form on link to membership page.


Do I need a qualification to sail at Bewl Water?

Yes, you must possess a RYA Level 2 certificate to sail or windsurf at Bewl, a copy of your certificate will be taken at the point of membership purchase.


When does your annual membership run from/until?

Our annual term of membership runs for 12 months from the day you join, you will automatically be sent a renewal reminder to your membership email address.


I have my own kayak do I need a membership to access the water?

Yes, you are able to kayak at Bewl Water through purchasing annual membership to the Bewl Canoe Club at https://www.bewlcanoeclub.co.uk/


Do you allow inflatable kayaks?

Inflatable kayaks are not permitted on the reservoir.


Do you offer discounted membership?

We offer subsidies for junior members and disabled members.


Do I need insurance for craft on/off the water?

All craft on/off Bewl Water with annual membership must be in possession of valid public liability insurance, you will be asked to present a copy of your insurance certificate prior taking out the membership. Bewl Water are not able to supply insurance.


Do I need to let you know when I am entering /leaving the water?

Yes, you must sign in / sign out in the club room which is located next to the fishing lodge.


Can I swim from my craft?

No, swimming in the reservoir is strictly prohibited.


Do I need to wear a lifejacket on the water?

Yes, you must supply your own lifejacket for all activities whilst afloat.


Can I store my boat or windsurf at Bewl Water?

Yes, sailing boat and windsurfing locker storage can be purchased through the membership form and spaces will be allocated via the membership office. We have a limited number of windsurf lockers available, to enquire please contact info@bewlwater.co.uk


Do you run sailing events?

We host many sailing events throughout the year, these are run by the Bewl Sailing Association, further information can be found on their website at https://www.bewlsailing.club/


How do we display that we are paid members?

At the point of membership purchase you be given a boat sticker to display on the boat transom and car parking pass to be displayed on the dashboard of your car.


Do watersports members have to pay for parking?

No, parking is included in your membership purchase. Pleas display your membership parking pass so it is clearly visible in your car windscreen.


Can we do kitesurfing, Jet Ski or wakeboarding at Bewl Water?

Kitesurfing, Jet Ski and wakeboarding are not permitted.


Where do we launch our craft onto the water?

Sailing boats must be launched from the sailing slipway next to the boathouse, paddleboards, kayaks and windsurfs must be launched from the beach area next to the fishing jetty.


Are powered boats permitted on the reservoir?

We do not allow any customer owned powered boats onto the reservoir.