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2018 Business Trends

Here are our top business trends for 2018 to help drive success for you and your company.

  • Preferred meetings are Face to face: Live conferences, face to face board meetings and classroom training are still topping the preferred list of meetings, despite the time and cost a virtual meeting may potentially saves. It has been proven that even sitting in a long, unexciting meeting or conference, we still pay more attention than if we were to log into a virtual conference, meeting or webinar.
  • Increasing Customer Experience through Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is a growing trend with many of the bigger companies now accepting and implementing the change to enhance human interaction. For example using chat features online to capture your customers straight away, Google maps; using real-time customer data from our own phones, and something that’s always top of the list in any business, time and cost saving by automating processes and tasks.
  • Unique Venues and Layouts: Traditional conferences are a thing of the past! Its all about sofas and standing conference meetings are at unique venues. Take Bewl Water for example, a meeting with a view is sure to create a positive work vibe and get those ideas flowing!
  • The Fresh Workplace: Companies are looking at new ways to change and become starter with the area we use in order for us to increase both quality and quantity in our products and services, whilst continuing to use improved technology in a positive, professional and motivated environment.

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