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2018 Boho Wedding Trends

Bewl Water is the perfect setting for an ‘outdoorsy’ wedding and with the Boho wedding trends getting bigger and bigger, we think boho and Bewl Water go hand in hand…

Here’s our 2018 boho wedding trends:

Boho Bridal Dresses: Think floaty, simple and carefree; that’s the boho look! Designs include backless or two-piece, whilst incorporating lace and flowers and simple patterns.

Wedding Venues: Boho wedding venues are usually cool and quirky; it could be a beautiful woodland, a festival style field or a stunning countryside. No matter where, you can be sure it will always include nature and being natural. Think rustic, scenic and unique.

Wedding Invitations: Let your guests know about your Boho theme by incorporating the design into you wedding invites. Think floral, simple, and rustic with casual wording.

Wedding Shoes: Boho is all about comfort and giving the impression of a carefree look whilst still looking fabulous, so flat shoes are a must! We suggest sandals, crochet and colours or patterns.

Wedding Rings: You will always hold the memories of the day in your heart but the physical symbol ‘The wedding ring’ needs to suit your lifestyle so that it can last a lifetime! The material is key! Trends for 2018 include the classic eternity band, fingerprint rings, and pear shaped ring.


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