Footprints in snow

Help the Elves Save Christmas!

The Elves Need Your Help!

On a chilly winter’s evening, when the sun had just begun to cast a golden glow over the frozen snow and ice at the North Pole, Father Christmas and his elves were busy getting ready for Christmas.

As all of the elves were busy wrapping the last presents of the day and preparing to head home, they left elf Jolly Sugarbells in charge of closing up for the night, one of the most important jobs an elf can do at this time of year.


Jolly Sugarbells was well known in the elf community for he had the loudest bells of all the elves on his very large and very pointy hat. However, Jolly was also known to be very forgetful and was often leaving the workshop unlocked when he went to feed the reindeer.

That evening, as Jolly was feeding the reindeer their bedtime carrots and singing them one last Christmas song, he started to drift off to sleep himself. Being an elf is very hard work and poor Jolly was extremely weary.

As Jolly and the reindeer were sleeping soundly and all was quiet, a spine-tingling chill started to creep towards the elves’ workshop. Jolly had left the doors wide open and naughty Jack Frost, who was passing the workshop on his way to bed, thought it would be particularly funny to play a trick on all the elves at their busiest time of the year!

‘This will surely panic them!’, thought cunning Jack as, leaving an icy path behind him, he hurried from the workshop with as many items as he could and decided he was going to hide them.

Jack knew of the perfect hiding place – Bewl Water! It was his favourite place to use his cold magic, freezing the very large reservoir so that he could go ice skating. Jack thought he could surely hide the stolen items there! So off Jack went in a flurry of frost to Bewl Water.

In the morning the elves all made their way to work and were shocked at what they found. The doors to the workshop were wide open and everything had gone missing! Chief Elf Bernard spotted footprints in the snow and instantly knew they could only belong to the notorious troublemaker Jack Frost. Every elf, young and old, knew what a devious character young Jack Frost was. Luckily, the elves were smart and knew that Jack Frost’s favourite place to visit at Christmas was Bewl Water.

Footprints in snow

Unfortunately there are just too many items missing from the workshop for the elves to find them all on their own – they need YOUR help! In order to save Christmas, grab your map and board the Santa Express and the Bewl Belle. Keep your eyes peeled and help find all the missing items.

Be Elfish, not Selfish!