Father Christmas & The Bewl Water Christmas Experience in association with Childrensalon – Chapter 6

“Today is the day” Father Christmas thought to himself. The Bewl Water Christmas Experience was almost within reach, he had to set off soon to make it around the world in time.

Mr Claus put on his new suit, did a mini parade for Mrs Claus who assured him he looked amazing, grabbed a few mince pies for the journey and headed to the reindeer garage.

Father Christmas trudged through the snow and opened the garage door to Rudolph, his nose shinier than ever! Rudolph’s nose always shined bright when he was excited, and excited he should be, they were about to embark on a long journey all the way to Kent. Father Christmas did some last minute checks and made sure the gifts for every child were secure, the mince pies were within reach within the sleigh and that Rudolph and his team were ready for a long flight through the twinkling night sky. Father Christmas sat proudly in the sleigh and held the stirrups tightly. The garage door flung open as the Christmas magic pushed the sleigh and reindeer outside onto the snow.  Mrs Claus and the factory elves stood together, ready to wave Father Christmas off. As Father Christmas took off into the sky, Mrs Claus blew him a kiss and the elves waved frantically.

“Ho Ho Ho! Here I come Bewl Water!” Father Christmas’ voice echoed into the night sky. He was on his way…