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7 Reasons Why You Should Hold a Corporate Day Out

  • Communication- across all teams’ communication is renowned for playing a vital role in a strong team. Corporate days out encourage your team to talk and coordinate tasks to one another making them more familiar, more so then they may in their typical day at work. This encourages them to feel more confident around each other and familiarise themselves with colleagues they may not of known as well previously. Resulting in more communication once they return to work!
  • Value– by rewarding staff with a corporate day out establishes how valued they are in your organisation and how much their happiness means to you as their employer.
  • Bonding- a team that are well bonded will work much smoother alongside each other as well as creating a happy and friendly place of work for your team. Staff days out allow people to get to know each other more personal, whilst maintaining professionalism on a work day out.
  • Potential– seeing your team outside of their usual role will give you the chance to spot any missing skills they may have which you haven’t seen before- quick problem solvers, natural leaders and logical thinkers- a great advantage to both you and them!
  • Positivity- carrying achievable yet fun tasks and working alongside one another creates an overwhelming sense of positivity- as teams problem solve and assist each other in completing tasks- a great start to head back to the office which a positive and clear view for your team!
  • Development- Corporate days and Team building activities can offer insight into where team member’s roles lie. By taking responsibility in less formal surroundings it can build up their confidence and demonstrate to team members how they are natural leaders same for organisers and those who pay attention to detail.
  •! This is so important to motivate your team! They need to realise that although they have a crucial role in the business, you are able to still enjoy where you work, and although times may be stressful- there’s always light at the end of the tunnel! A happy work life, makes a happy balance! Their happiness will offer a rewarding feeling which is invaluable!

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