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6 fun ideas for teenagers

Once your child is a teenager you’d think you would have party plans nailed. If only that were the case.

Instead, you find yourself entering new territory yet again. The days of Pass the Parcel are long gone, as are any parties that could cause embarrassment (that probably covers most of your ideas). But they’re not yet at an age where you can leave them to have an unsupervised house party.

Teenagers are terribly self-conscious, forever worrying about what their peers think about them. They all want a party that their friends will love and rave about, so it has to be perfect.

Fortunately, all is not lost. There are still plenty of parties that will keep your growing teenager and their friends more than happy. But you also want a party that you are happy with. As well as being fun and inclusive, it also needs to be within budget.

Here are six ideas for parties that won’t leave your teenager rolling their eyes and heading to their bedroom in a huff.


1 Laser wars party: Who knew they were so competitive?

As far as parties go, this one is all about high-octane fun with a healthy dose of rivalry thrown in for good measure. Less painful than paintballing and more tactical than shooting-based computer games, a laser tag party is 100% safe, no-impact and fully immersive. Your teenager will love stalking their friends and unleashing a flood of laser fire in this sci-fi action adventure – definitely one for the party shortlist and something that you can do right here at our water park in Kent.

Laser Tag Participant hiding behind a tree

2 Theme park party: Scream if you wanna go faster!

There is a small window of opportunity in most people’s lives when theme parks are the BEST THING EVER! Too young and you’re not tall enough to go on many of the rides. Too old and the idea of paying money to be thrown about / spun at high speeds / scared stiff / left feeling a bit sick doesn’t really appeal. However, those teenage years are ‘peak theme park’ – the thrill of the rides, the adrenaline, and the non-stop fun. What’s not to like? Bear in mind you can often get group savings discounts so do your homework before you book the tickets.


3 Aqua park party: Just add water

If a theme park is fun for a party, imagine what happens when you add water to the mix? There are a growing number of outdoor aqua parks in the UK featuring everything from inflatable obstacle courses to a continual flow of surfing waves. Fans of the TV show Wipeout may be keen to try their hand at a floating assault course (there’s a pretty epic water park in Kent that will fit the bill). Or they might prefer a slower (but just as fun) pace of aquatic party, trying their hand at stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, windsurfing or kayaking. Any outdoor water activity is going to be better suited to the warmer months, so bear this in mind when you are planning the party (UK water parks are generally open between May and October).


4 Camping party: Embrace the great outdoors

Is your teen a happy camper? Getting into the great outdoors is a wonderful way to destress and spend quality time with friends – perfect for the modern teenager. Find a campsite that is local enough that it’s easy to get to but far enough away that you can switch off and escape the daily grind. And don’t let a lack of camping equipment put you off. There are plenty of campsites that have bell tents already set up – all you need to do is turn up with a change of clothes and a sense of adventure. Keep decorations to a minimum – a bit of birthday bunting and some battery-powered fairy lights will do the job. As for the food, it’s a no brainer: it’s all about the BBQ. Your teen can enjoy a birthday burger as well as a birthday cake.


5 Zorbing party: Don’t burst their bubble

Has your teenager ever tried zorbing? If not, they could be in for a birthday treat. For the uninitiated, zorbing basically involves either jumping into a large inflated ball or ‘wearing’ one (with your legs sticking out the bottom). Your teenager and their friends will be able to get involved in a number of activities once they are ‘zorbed up’. That might be kicking a ball around a field whilst inside a bubble, rolling down a hill encased in a bubble, or zooming around an inflatable race track in a bubble. Suffice to say, there are a lot of variations on the bubble theme, but all are great fun. If you’re wondering ‘what happens if it pops?’, fear not. A zorb might spring a leak, but it won’t burst with someone inside it.


6 Party at home: You don’t always have to go out to have fun

Not all teenagers are adrenaline junkies; some are more than happy taking it easy and having their friends round theirs. If your teen would like a party at home, the first thing is to decide a theme. If, for example, your teenager is a music fan, they might fancy a karaoke party. All the action can take place in your teen’s bedroom and the only equipment you will need is a stage area, a karaoke machine, a few disco lights, and possibly some props (e.g. feather boas, masks and hats). Of, if they’d rather have a pampering party stock up on some scented candles, relaxing music and all those spa essentials (e.g. cucumber slices and homemade face masks).

If you are looking for party inspiration for your teenager, make sure you check out Bewl Water. We offer a host of activities that are perfectly suited to parties for people of all ages. This year, our water park in Kent opens on 8th May 2020 but our laser challenge is open on the weekends and school holidays all year round.

Get in touch to find out more and make your teenager’s birthday one to remember.