Do I have to be able to swim?

Yes, you must be able to swim 25m with a buoyancy aid on, and be confident in the water. It is very likely that you will go underwater. You also have to swim to the Aqua Park to gain access.

Are the Aqua Park registration and wet suit changing rooms on the water’s edge?

No, there is a 200m walk to the Aqua Park – we advise you bring your own beach shoes for the walk to the Aqua Park.

Can I wear shoes on the Aqua Park?

No trainers or hard soled shoes are allowed on the Aqua Park, barefoot is ok. We have wet shoes to purchase, please do not bring your own, they are not permitted in the reservoir.

Do I have to pay for parking?

You will not need to pay for parking at Bewl Water during your visit if you clearly display a printed copy of your E-ticket in your car windscreen. YOU MAY THEREFORE NEED TO PRINT AN EXTRA COPY OF YOUR E-TICKET. This parking ticket will be valid for 2.5hrs, 1hr prior to and 1.5hrs after your allotted Aqua Park time.

How long prior to the session do I need to arrive?

We advise at least an hour before your session. Therefore if your session was at 1pm, we advise you to arrive by 12 noon. This gives you time to check in, get changed and be briefed. Our mandatory safety briefing takes place at quarter to the hour.

Is the Aqua Park suitable for birthday parties?

The Bewl Water Aqua Park is ideal for birthday parties. Please book using the links on this page.
Your birthday group will be on the Aqua Park along with other guests booked in for that session.

For Aqua Park birthday teas please email

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

Yes, your ticket price includes the use of a Bewl Water Aqua Park wetsuit and buoyancy aid. All Aqua park participants must wear a swimming costume under their Aqua Park wetsuit.

Can I participate if I am pregnant?

We strongly advise you not to participate if you are pregnant.

Do I need to remove all jewellery?

Yes all jewellery must be removed before you enter the park, including ALL removable earrings. If you have recently had any piercings we can provide tape to cover them.

Can I take a waterproof camera onto the Aqua Park?

Yes you can, however they MUST be secured by a chest harness – wearing a camera is at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any lost devices.

Can I wear my spectacles?

It is STRONGLY advised not to wear your spectacles or contact lenses on the Aqua Park, prescription goggles are a good alternative. If you have to wear your glasses, this is done entirely at your own risk, as there is a high chance of losing or damaging them.

Do I have to be physically fit to take part?

You do have to be able to pull yourself up out of the water, and it can be very tiring. You don’t have to be very fit to take part; however it is a very active sport.

Can I wear swimming goggles?

Yes, you can wear swimming goggles.

Can I dress up?

Unfortunately you cannot wear any loose clothing on the Aqua Park, therefore we do not allow any fancy dress of any sort on the park.

Do adults have to go on with children?

We do recommend children under 11 have a responsible adult on with them. Ideally a 1:3 ratio.

Is the Aqua Park fun for adults as well as children?

Yes, the Aqua Park is fun and challenging for both adults and children, there are parts of the park that the adults will struggle with, and other parts the children will struggle with, but it is great fun for everyone.

Do we offer any discounts for group bookings?

No, unfortunately we don’t offer any group discounts on our Aqua Park, although we do offer special rates for exclusive hire.

What happens if it's raining?

You still take part in the rain. Our theory is…you are going to get wet anyway!!… It is good fun in the rain.

What happens if there is a storm?

If we have a storm over head then we will pause and resume once the storm has passed. Then your time will continue as normal. This does mean we may have to delay later sessions if this does occur.

Can I leave before the hour is up?

Yes you can leave before the hour is up, however you cannot return to the Aqua Park once you have left.

What happens if I am stuck in traffic?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee getting you onto the park if you miss your session. We will try our best to help you, but we cannot be held responsible for traffic. If you are late do not expect a refund. Leave plenty of time for your journey.

Are there fish in the lake?

Yes there are fish in the lake – all harmless.

Can you go on the Aqua Park for longer than an hour?

Yes you can, you just need to add an hour onto your booking, and make us aware on arrival you have more than 1 hour booked. Please note it is quite tiring and normally 1 hour is enough for the average person.

Where can I store my possessions?

We have lockers for your possessions, feel free to bring your own small padlock or you can buy one here for £4. Alternatively, you can lock your items in your cars.

Is there a car park nearby?

Yes, ample parking is available at a short distance.