Sponsored walks are welcome at Bewl however prior booking is essential.

Please see below some information regarding booking your sponsored walk with us.


  • Organisers of sponsored walks must complete their own risk assessment prior to the sponsored walk.
  • Organisers are expected to provide qualified First Aid provision for all participants.
  • Any accidents and/or incidents must be reported to Bewl Water immediately or as soon as practicable following the event.
  • The organiser must provide a suitable vehicle as a means to retrieve participants by road from around the reservoir route.
  • In the event of an emergency at Bewl Water telephone the fishing shop 01892 890352 or the estate office 01892 890000. Out of hours emergency number is 01892 515152 or 07767 375115
  • Mobile phones should be left ON throughout the duration of the sponsored walk.
  • The length of the walk (12.5 miles) may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Conditions underfoot can be muddy so suitable footwear must be worn.
  • Walkers must adhere to the Country Code at all times.
  • Route details in the Bewl Water leaflet must be followed.
  • Walkers should start in groups of approximately ten at five minute intervals.
  • Special care is necessary when approaching anglers who may be back casting.
  • Due consideration should be given to weather conditions and time of year before setting out.
  • The Bewl Water site is closed in the winter months at 4:30pm, all groups should have returned to the public car park by 4pm.
  • Keep to the tracks, do not take shortcuts across streams or soft mud which may be exposed when water levels fall.
  • It is a recommendation that control points are manned at Rosemary Lane, Dunsters Mill, Burnt Lodge Lane and Wards Lane with a mobile phone link.


Download a copy of our map here.