Visitors are welcome to bring dogs to Bewl Water but are asked to abide by the following guidelines:

Dogs must be under control at all times. If they are obedient and will not interfere with wildlife or the enjoyment of other users then they may be exercised off the lead.

Dogs are allowed on the round reservoir walk but should be kept on a lead on the part of the route that passes through the Nature Reserve.

With the exception of guide dogs and hearing dogs are not allowed in the following areas:

  • The Boat House Bistro
  • The children’s playground

Dogs must not be allowed to chase or disturb wildlife.

Dogs must be kept out of the water at all times.

Dog owners must prevent their animals from drinking water from the reservoir.

Dog excrement must be cleared immediately and removed from the site by the person responsible for the animal.

Do not leave your pet inside a parked vehicle for any length of time, even with a small amount of ventilation dogs can very quickly become dehydrated and unwell. At Bewl we provide a number of free fresh water drinking bowls for your dog to use.


Green and Blue Green Algae

Green and blue green algae can produce toxins that may be fatal to dogs when ingested. Algal blooms can occur at any time of the year and in all areas. Owners must keep their dogs clear of the water at all times.

It is most common in non-flowing fresh water such as lakes and ponds during hot weather when there is less rainfall, but can also occur at other times of the year without warning.

Algal blooms may appear as a green or blue-green scum on the surface of the water however can also take on different forms ranging from foam, brown scum and even pea soup.

If your dog becomes unwell having been in contact with water you are advised to contact your vet without delay.


Download a copy of our map here.