What is the minimum age for laser challenge?

All participants must be at least 8 years of age.

How do I book a laser session?

You can book a laser session online:

Book Now

Can I book a party?

Yes, either book on the link above or for an exclusive laser challenge session email info@bewlwater.co.uk.

How many people do you need to run a session?

There must be a minimum of 10 players for a session.

How long are laser challenge activities?

The activity lasts 1 hour which includes a 10 minute briefing and demonstration.

Where does laser challenge happen?

Our sessions run in our specially designed laser arena, located in a woodland near the Waterfront Café.

How long before my session should I arrive?

You should arrive and register at least 30 minutes prior to your session.

What should we wear to play laser challenge?

Appropriate outdoor clothing should be worn, long sleeved tops and trousers and boots during the winter particularly.

Where can be leave valuables when the session is in play?

Valuables should be left secure in your vehicle or with an accompanying adult.

Do we have to sign anything before we play?

Yes, when you book online you will need to complete disclaimers, these must be completed before play.

Where do we meet before the session?

Make your way to the Waterfront Café activities registration, once registered you will be directed to the Laser challenge arena.

Do we have to pay for parking ?

Parking is included in your group ticket booking.