Pleasure Motor Boat Hire

General Rules

You must be 25 or over to hire a boat and make a booking (proof of age will be requested at the time of booking and/or time of activity) There must be a minimum of two adults (25 and over) on all pleasure hire boats.

Life jackets will be supplied (included in the hire fee paid) and must be worn secured, at all times.

It is mandatory to use the engine kill cord when under power, boat operators must be attached to the engine kill chord to cut engine in the event of an emergency.

Bewl Water will instruct the hirer on how to operate the boat safely, you will not be permitted to leave the jetty until deemed competent, if following instruction competence is not achieved your boat hire will be cancelled with the hire fee fully refunded.           

Swimming is strictly prohibited. Anyone doing so from a hire boat will immediately be recalled to the jetty and the hire period terminated without refund.

Protect yourself. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure fitness for the activity

Note: You may be exposed to sun, rain or cold for long periods.

Assess the Risk. Be aware of and assess the risk of your environment, including (but not limited to) fishing from the bank and other users of Bewl Water.

Drugs/Alcohol. You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when hiring a Bewl boat.

A security deposit will be taken on the day prior to departure, this will be returned on satisfactory inspection of the hire water craft upon return. The hirer will be liable for any damage incurred, and will be changed in accordance with marine mechanics repair rates at £70.00 per hour plus parts, plus VAT

Boats for hire are subject to suitable weather conditions, the Beach Master will continually monitor the predicted and current weather conditions, if the weather deteriorates whilst hire boats are on the water, all boats will be immediately towed back to the jetty.

Breaking of the regulations by one member of a boat party shall reflect equally on all other occupants of the boat.

Boats must remain in the designated cruising area, are not allowed within 100 metres of the draw-off tower, overflow tower, dam wall or water sports frontage and are not allowed to enter to enter the Nature Reserve.

Hire boats under power must give way to sailing dinghies, windsurfers, canoes or sculling boats at all times.  

A Water Marshal will be afloat patrolling the designated hire area for the whole duration of the boat hire period.

All water and shore based staff communicate on Bewl’s radio system. This is a recently upgraded and digital system continually monitored by ‘Bewl Base’ providing clear communications across the water.      

Boat operation Instructions

Comprehensive instructions on the use of boats will be provided.

  • Start engine before casting off.
  • Before leaving the pontoon or anchor point start engine to avoid drifting. Ensure you are stable and pull cord firmly to start, keeping free hand clear of cord.
  • Do not stand up in boat. Standing in a boat may be unstable – sit down at all times.
  • If someone else falls overboard. Operate the kill cord to disable the engine and row to casualty.  Call for immediate assistance.

Incidents. After any incidents, return to the fishing office and report the details.

Boat SafetyBoat Safety