The Round Bewl Water Route is closed to cycles and horses from 3rd November 2014 until April 2015.  The track will be muddy in places duting the winter months - walkers should wear sturdy footwear and proceed with care.  The route is 13 miles long - walkers should allow 6 hours or more to complete.

Round Reservoir Route

The 12½ mile Round Reservoir Route is open to walkers all year round but will close to cycles and horses from 3rd November 2014 until Spring 2015, possibly mid-April depending on ground conditions. The track passes through beautiful countryside of species rich woodland and meadow and, for part of the route, takes to quiet country lanes to circumnavigate the Nature Reserve.

Round Bewl Map

Track conditions currently are very muddy and uneven underfoot so suitable footwear is essential for walkers. Cyclists should use cycles built for off road cycling when rides are open.

The walk can take up to 6 hours and there are many beautiful places to sit and enjoy a picnic - a great way to relax and unwind.

The track is closed to horses and cycles from 3rd November 2014 until April 2015.

Cyclists and horse riders are requested to give way to pedestrians at all times and to avoid using the track in an unsafe manner.

Riders should keep their speed low all times both for the safety of themselves and others. Audible warning should be given of their approach to avoid startling other users.

Bewl Water Country Park is a wonderful location for sponsored walks and other charity events for further information click here.

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